Comercial Santy Supermarket

Comercial Santy Supermarket in Bata and Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

At Comercial Santy we want to be at the vanguard of the consumers’ needs and that is why we wanted to incorporate into our services a supermarket chain.

Two stores that have become leaders in some of the aforementioned countries where we operate.

At Comercial Santy Supermarket, we have such a commitment to this type of business that we create stores that are classified by our customers and suppliers as hypermarkets. We offer over 15,000 products which range from food to cleaning products, household items, electronics and even cosmetics.

In our stores in Spain we have a stock big enough to never be lacking in the most essential products.

Our own suppliers are amazed not only by our wide variety of products but also by our organization and human touch in the service we provide to our customers.

On our premises, you can find products which can be seen in any major supermarket chain in Europe, including products classified as gourmet for more demanding customers.

Due to this, big companies offering different services and operating in the same markets as we do decide to choose us for their daily supply, not only due to our value for money but also due to our commitment to guarantee the best service.


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