• CemBissau


    CemBissau 2007 in Guinea-Bissau. CEMBISSAU is a production and bottling factory of water, soft drinks and beer. It is one…

  • Batamur Electric

    Batamur Electric

    2009. Bata (Guinea Ecuatorial). Batamur, es una empresa dedicada a la distribución, instalación y asesoramiento en el Sector Eléctrico.

  • West African Cashew International

    West African Cashew International

    West African Cashew International 2012, Guinea-Bissau. West African Cashew International became a part of the group in 2012. Its corporate…

  • Ferro Santy

    Ferro Santy

    Ferro Santy 2014, Guinea Ecuatorial. Ferro Santy is a division of Grupo Santy Holding with 20 companies located throughout Spain…

  • General World

    General World

    General World 2012, Guinea-Bissau. General World is a construction company specialized in the development of civil, residential and public works.…

  • Hanna Enterprises

    Hanna Enterprises

    Hanna Enterprises 2002. Equatorial Guinea. A company devoted to real estate management and promotion

  • Guinea Pedra

    Guinea Pedra

    Guinea Pedra 2012, Guinea Bissau. A company specialized in the quarrying of stones and aggregates for construction. It has a…

  • Remolcadores Muni

    Remolcadores Muni

    Remolcadores Muni, 1994. Equatorial Guinea. Remolcadores Muni is a tugboat company operating in the port of Bata (Equatorial Guinea). It…

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