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Grupo Santy Holding

Over 20 companies

Grupo Santy Holding offers a wide variety of services in different areas of expertise. Therefore, our main goal is to always meet the commitments made to our customers and suppliers. Moreover, we are very innovative and we are constantly looking for new solutions. Our target is to adapt to the market and to contribute to the development of our society, especially to get more efficient results.

Constant expansion

We have a long-term business plan, which results in constant and improvement of our line of products as well as our production and distribution processes. We have a constant commitment to innovation, quality control, positioning and market strategies, so we pay special attention to customer service, creativity, excellence, expertise and the satisfaction of a job well done.

A job well done

The strength of our team’s attitude and cohesion is based on our shared values, commitments and rules, which are the foundations of our work. We are always open to listen to new ideas and suggestions. We believe that communication is the cornerstone which allows us to successfully meet the objectives of our projects, resulting in an optimal service for our customers.

Future prospects

We have an entrepreneurial future-oriented will to stand out in a more and more globalized and competitive market. Our companies are constantly adapting to the technological evolution we experience nowadays. We pay special attention to finding new creative solutions, thus discovering new opportunities to improve and providing our customers and suppliers with more efficient results.

Companies of Grupo Santy Holding

Hotel Industry
Real Estate
Comercial Santy Supermarket

Comercial Santy Supermarket in Bata and Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. At Comercial Santy we...

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Comercial Santy Frozen Products

At Comercial Santy, we export and import frozen products. We cover a...

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Comercial Santy Wholesale

We have offices distributed strategically all over Equatorial Guinea....

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Comercial Santy Ferretería

Comercial Santy hardware shop, in Equatorial Guinea. One of the oldest services that...

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Casa de la Ermita

Casa de la Ermita 1999, Region of Murcia, Spain. Casa de la Ermita...

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Santy Pharma

Santy Pharma 2012. Equatorial Guinea. Santy Pharma 2013. Guinea-Bissau. Santy Pharma is involved...

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Mesur Electric Malí.

Mesur Electric Mali 2017. Mali. The experience of Batamur Electric together with the...

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Comercial Mariam

Comercial Mariam 1982, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Comercial Mariam opened as a...

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Asemar is a maritime-land shipping and logistics company. It specializes in port...

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Hacienda del Carche

Hacienda del Carche 2006. Jumilla, Spain. Hacienda del Carche began operating in the...

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ENBASA 1995, Equatorial Guinea. A factory and bottling company of water, wine and...

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Ceiba Hoteles

Ceiba Hoteles, currently under construction, will include the following facilities in its...

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CemBissau 2007 in Guinea-Bissau. CEMBISSAU is a production and bottling factory of water,...

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Batamur Electric

2009. Bata (Guinea Ecuatorial). Batamur, es una empresa dedicada a la distribución,...

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West African Cashew International

West African Cashew International 2012, Guinea-Bissau. West African Cashew International became a part...

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Ferro Santy

Ferro Santy 2014, Guinea Ecuatorial. Ferro Santy is a division of Grupo Santy...

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General World

General World 2012, Guinea-Bissau. General World is a construction company specialized in the...

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Hanna Enterprises

Hanna Enterprises 2002. Equatorial Guinea. A company devoted to real estate management and...

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Guinea Pedra

Guinea Pedra 2012, Guinea Bissau. A company specialized in the quarrying of stones...

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Remolcadores Muni

Remolcadores Muni, 1994. Equatorial Guinea. Remolcadores Muni is a tugboat company operating in...

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Food and drink

  • Wholesale and retail food sales.
  • Wide selection of frozen meat and fish.
  • FPackaging factory equipped with cutting-edge technology.
  • We pack soft drinks, water, wines and juices.
  • World-famous wineries.

Logistics and healthcare

  • Consignment, shipping and transport.
  • Large truck fleet.
  • Our own shipping fleet made up of 3 barges and 3 tugboats.
  • 800 m2 warehouse for medicines.
  • Medicine distribution in a large part of the African continent.

Hotel industry and real estate

  • Hotel with 155 rooms located in Guinea-Bissau.
  • Swimming pool, bar and restaurant in our Hotel in Guinea-Bissau.
  • First 7 story hotel in Guinea-Bissau.
  • Real estate development in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • Large portfolio of satisfied customers.

Construction and supplies

  • Corrugated steel supply.
  • Electrical equipment for construction.
  • Highly-qualified personnel.
  • Construction and services.
  • Quarrying of stones and aggregates for construction.


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