About Us

About Us


GRUPO SANTY. A company for every need.

GRUPO SANTY nwas born in 1960 as a family business. We started conducting business in Equatorial Guinea and Spain with several stores of our own for import - export of food products and textile articles respectively.

Nowadays it is made up of a total of 18 companies, located in several African countries and in Spain. Grupo Santy has consolidated itself through the years and has a wide expertise as a dynamic conglomerate, offering a flexible response to the demands of the current market for all those sectors and projects it is involved in.

The effort and the reward of a job well-done, together with the restless spirit of its founder and president, have turned Grupo Santy into what it is today - a conglomerate of solid companies where quality and work come first.


Quality, concern for our customers and a job well-done - three qualities that differentiate us.

What we offer

Meeting the deadline

In all of our companies, we are committed to our customers. Their concerns are ours too, and it is essential for us to meet our deadlines.

Constant communication

Our goal is that our customers are absolutely satisfied. That is why we keep in constant contact with them and develop their proposals to meet their needs.

Customer portfolio

Due to the wide experience of Grupo Santy, an enormous number of customers have trusted in us and continue to choose our services throughout our companies.


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